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Do you know...?

Here are some quick facts about our academy...



OCCA proudly uses the abeka curriculum in all grade levels. Abeka is the Christian textbook leader!

Every school day opens with Bible class, which includes stories, scripture memorization and songs



Above: Xoie, one of our elementary students performs a poem entitled, "Rain," which was written by a former graduate of OCCA. This performance won OCCA a trophy in her age group in 2016. Our academy has won the overall CANWO competition every year since 2013. 

Our junior high and high school students also represent OCCA at the annual BCSO competition in Cleveland. One of our students placed first in several photography categories.

Cursive is still taught at an early age and is mastered throughourt the elementary years.

OCCA's students compete and win team and individual academic competitions locally and statewide

Is Christian Education for you?

If you are a Christian seeking a wholesome environment, free from peer-pressure and bullying... If you desire a strong academic focus taught from a Christian world-view by a quality staff that cares... If you desire to develop your child spiritually and build moral character... If you want small classroom settings with individualized attention....

... then OCCA might be what you are looking for! Keep surfing our site to see if our academy is right for you!