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Low Cost Private Schooling!
Payment Options
Ottawa County Christian Academy provides two methods of payment for tuition:
•The first option allows parents to pay the entire tuition up front at the beginning of the school year.  By choosing this option, parents will receive a 5% discount off the total tuition cost.
•The second option allows parents to finance the cost of tuition through a non-associated financial institution.  This option requires parents to secure a loan (guaranteed approval) for the total cost of yearly tuition, which is to be paid monthly.
*For families enrolling more than 3 children, cost of tuition for each additional child will be only $100.
Per Student:
Registration Fee (one-time at initial enrollment): $100
Technology Fee (Digital Assessments):  $120
Lab, Book & Curriculum Fee:    $320
K5:  1/2 Day Option (tuition only):      $1,700
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OCCA Ottawa County Christian Academy Tuition
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