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OCCA has partnered with Myschoolworx, an online grading system that allows for teachers to enter grades and post real-time student progress, assignments, disciplinary alerts and also allows for direct teacher-to-parent messaging. Parents can also view student report cards and progress reports.
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Each year since 2013, OCCA has participated in the Christian Academies of Northwest Ohio Spelling Bee & Fine Arts Competition.  Please click on the logo to see all this year's event information. Please be sure to click below to see poetry selections and practice spelling lists.
K &1st Poems
1st & 2nd Poems
3rd & 4th Poems
More K &1st Poems
2nd & 3rd Poems
5th & 6th Poems
CANWO Practice Spelling Bee Lists (K-6)

(second quarter)
Roll Call

Merit Roll
(A's, B's & C's)

Principal's Honor Roll
(A's & B's)

Pastor's Honor Roll
(All A's)

  • Kaden Moyer
  • Hadley Moyer
  • Layne Sullenberger
  • Jenavive Moyer
  • Lila Webster
  • Landen Martzke
  • Preston Bickelhaupt
  • Travis Brennan
  • Sawyer Henderson
  • Jonah McDonald
  • Ryker Baer
  • Nolan Bickelhaupt
  • Haven Webster
  • Kenneyde Baer
  • Austin Martzke
  • Jolene Brennan
  • Abigail Webster
  • Jacob McDonald
  • Kendyle Baer
  • Lucas Hines
  • Ian McVicker
  • Evelyn Kovacs
  • Adilyn Butzier
  • Sunny Lorenzen
  • Otto Bickelhaupt
  • Ruby Henderson
  • Jaxan Bickehaupt
  • Hannah Jeffries
  • Kellen Bickelhaupt
  • Xoie Bickelhaupt
  • Derek Martzke
  • Carmen Bickelhaupt
  • Andrew Jeffries